Application Security This Week for January 17

Breakdown of a malicious app that man-in-the-middled the Google Signin.


Good Wired article about tools the fibby uses to get around smartphone encryption.


Oh man, cross-origin images and data leakage.  Certainly adding this to my manual testing.


This has been patched, but a really good explainer on how the RCE in Office 365 was discovered.


Using game hacking to explain the danger of unsigned code.


Have a great week folks!

Application Security This Week for January 10

Hey, welcome back from holidays.  Quite a week it has been.


Portswigger has a really good writeup of OAUTH 2 vulnerabilities.


This isn't so much appsec, but it is really interesting code that hacks a game - Cyberpunk 2077 minigame resolver.


SolarWinds just keeps on giving.


Keep on keeping on, folks.

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