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by Bill Sempf 3. March 2010 06:48


I had a good time with the Columbus Architecture Group (ColArc) Tuesday night at the ICC conference center.  I gave the Economics of Cloud Computing talk there and it was well received.

I got some great commentary from Mark Freeman about the impact that CompuServe had on early internetworking, which is a very good point.  CompuServe was born out of TSO, with a large organization reselling unused computer time.  This is very similar to the IBM TSO concept, and what Google, Microsoft, Amazon and the other large players are doing now.

Another point was the impact of grid computing, which I need to research a little more.

One of the big impacts was security, though.  How is cloud going to interact with HIPPA?  how do you convince a CIO?  What else has to happen to prepare your application for the insecurity of the cloud?

Location is a problem too. How about a state’s requirement to keep all data inside its borders?  There are tough questions there!

Anyway, thanks for having me folks, and I hope to see you next month.


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D. Lambert United States
3/3/2010 9:49:41 AM #

Bill -

The last time I checked, MS was at least looking into the possibility of releasing Azure bits in a form that could allow a State IT dept (or other similarly-sized org) to run a true private cloud.  Conversations I've had w/ State folks, however, have convinced me that they don't really see the difference between this and a virtualized environment.  Much education is needed.

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