Application Security This Week for August 30

Monsoon is a fast HTTP request enumerator that allows you to run a large number of tests to try out potential findings.


Python devs: Don't run the executable in your downloads folder! Python isn't designed for that and there are vulnerabilities.


A really fantastic list of Android security resources.


That's the latest, folks! Have a great week.

Appliocation Security This Week for August 23

Update Jenkins - there is a flaw in the HTTP renderer.


Pretty cool article about attacking the MS Exchange web interface


Don't usually talk locksport here but it's a slow news week and this is pretty cool - creating a key based on the sound of the original entering the lock.


That's the news!

Application Security This Week for August 16

Microsoft pushed a change to ASP.NET for a DoS vulnerability.  Not only should you patch, but looking at the change control is worth your time.


Speaking of .NET, Adam Chester has an awesome article about the debugger that is worth a look.


Sonatype has their annual report on the Software Supply Chain ready, which is a topic near and dear to my heart. You have to give them your email, but it is worth it.

I spoke to the .NET Dev Group in Columbus about this topic in March and it got a little spicy.


 Finally, here is another good analysis paper on the application security development lifecycle.


Stay safe and well.


Application Security This Week for August 9

The new Open Source Security Foundation is trying to broaden the reach of information security best practice.


Four new variants of HTTP Request Smuggling were published, and they are pretty cool.


A really cool XMLK External Entity flaw was used to get RCE in the latest Pwn2Own competition.


That's the news, folks.


Application Security This Week for August 2nd

Check your Docker API permissions.  A new piece of malware has been turning cloud hosted containers into mining rigs.


Remember when I told you that Microsoft is dropping support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1?  Well, SHA-1 is next.


1d8 posted a good primer on setting up an android security analysis lab.  It's pretty solid.

I did a talk on a similar topic at GrrCon a few years back


Finally, I'll be at the OWASP Booth at Virtual BlackHat Wednesday afternoon (3-7 EDT). I have no idea how it will work yet, but it should be fun! Come have a virtual beer with me.


That's the news.  Stay safe out there.

Application Security This Week for July 26

They dropped Open Redirection from the OWASP Top 10 but, like CSRF, it is still out there. Here is a neat tool to help find it.


FireEye has a neat new toolset to crowdshare malware patterns.  I haven't dug into this yet, but I am fascinated.  Malware isn't my thing - I am a web guy - but this is a cool idea.


Microsoft has started killing off TLS 1.0 and 1.1 really for real this time.  Really.  Interesting take, because in poorer countries who are still using old Android and iOS devices are effectively losing access to the tools.  Acceptable losses? Seems so.


Gotta love a sanitizer bypass in ... a sanitizer tool.


That's the news.  Hope everyone is well.


Application Security This Week for July 19

The Enterprise Security API for Java went to


Microsoft's .NET Framework is getting rid of the Binary Formatter, erasing a significant security flaw


Good writeup on pentesting GitHub source repos - a great place to find bugs in open source packages used by your apps


Portswigger's Burp Suite now includes a pre-configured browser as part of community edition - a game changer if you are doing inhouse training or CTFs


Unquestionably the funniest POC for an exploit I have ever seen in my life


That's the news, folks.  Hope everyone is well.

Application Security This Week for July 12

Big news this week was the F5 zero day, of course, but on the application side you should review the code for the exploit, which is public.  I am not gonna link it here but y'all can google.  DO NOT run this on your corporate machines, use your test box and a VM, and just look.  Here is a link to the CVE:


Bestill my heart, an API driven HTTP server. Haven't played with it yet but I looks super sexy.


Common thread on this newsletter - DNS is dangerous.  Review your records.


Very nice collection of testing scripts - well worth the clone and the hour it takes to learn to use them. I'm integrating them into my test scenarios.


That's the news, folks!


Application Security This Week for July 5

Happy Independence Day for my US readers!


BugCrowd released a really cool looking Burp extension to help find bug bounty items.


Some guidance I am using right now on a test to bypass file upload filters.


Fantastic analysis of the SAML flaw in Palo Alto devices by my friends at TrustedSec.


That's the news, folks.  Go hack something.

Application Security This Week for June 28

I was tempted to start making up dates. Like Junuary 54th.  But dark humor doesn't belong here.  Or does it.


Lots of talk recently about using Frida to hook methods in binary application, like native mobile apps and even windows apps. Here's an easy way to get started.


Taking advantage of Bitdefender FROM A WEBSITE.  No I am not kidding.  I haven't tried this yet but wow.


This is a twitter thread I wish I had written.  The basics of application vulnerability analysis.


We are back on the encryption discussion.  Let me make my own, personal, not endorsed by anyone, position very clear.  Anyone - ANYONE - can encrypt anything with two coins, a pencil, and a piece of paper.  These laws do NOTHING. Nothing at all. Please tell everyone.  If you have questions, please ask. If I don't know the answer, I know people who do.


And finally: an amazing exploit getting RCE from PostgreSQL with only a little magic juice.


Have a great week, everyone.

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